Terms and Conditions

  1. Fraudulent booking: Only eligible applicants are entitled for booking of guest houses.   In case of fraudulent booking, Booking will be invalid and visitors will not be allowed to enter in the guest houses.

  2. Right to Admission:  The entry to the Guest Houses will be strictly on production of valid Identity Card. In case applicant himself/herself is not visiting, person must carry along with photocopy of Proof of their own identity.

  3. Booking is not transferable: Booking made in a person name can not be transferred to others.

  4. Occupation after booking period:  Occupation of the room, after expiry of the booking period, will be unauthorized. Request for change/extension for accommodation needs to be approved by the competent authority. If person is not vacating Guest House after Check-out Time, Next day Charges will be taken from the visitor.

  5. Proper Decorum:  The Guests are advised to maintain decency and decorum throughout the stay period. Causing inconvenience/disturbance to other inmates through noise or rowdy behavior will be dealt with sternly. Consumption of intoxicants in the premises is strictly prohibited. Pets are not allowed.

  6. Damage to property: The occupants will be liable to make good of any damage/loss to property, fixture, fittings and furniture during the period of their stay.

  7. Visitors of the Guests: No unauthorized person(s) will be allowed to stay with the Guests.